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Hüga is made for outdoor dining and socializing in the colder months. No more chilly backsides on frigid metal or wood outdoor furniture. No more leaning closer and closer to the standing patio heater trying to get a waft of warm air.

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Marine-Grade Vinyl

What's the difference?

Both are durable and water-resistant!
Cordura® has a softer fabric-like feel, while the Marine-Grade Vinyl is essentially waterproof and slightly heavier, like a boat cushion.

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Product Details

  • Solo cushion - the 14”x16” single seat cushion is ideal for an individual bum
  • Three temperature settings:
  1. off - no light, ambient temperature
  2. low - green light, 85-95℉
  3. medium - blue light, 95-105℉
  4. high - red light, 105-120℉
  • Long-lasting battery included -  your choice of rechargeable battery to provide 3+, 6+ or 10+ hours of heat (only use included battery)
  • Simple recharging - battery is easily accessible in side pocket for nightly recharging with provided micro USB cord and any USB wall charger (not included)
  • Water-resistant and durable - heavy duty, water-resistant fabrics, foam, and webbing are intended for prolonged outdoor use
  • Backpack straps - webbing straps and side release buckles can be used to turn the cushion into a backpack to easily carry around town OR attach the cushion to any existing outdoor furniture
  • Portable - battery power allows movement from one seat to another, or for individuals to carry their own cushion when they venture out
  • High quality, sanitizable marine grade vinyl shell - can easily and frequently be wiped down with 10% bleach mixture or other sanitizing agents
  • Package includes 1 hüga heated cushion and 1 battery with charging cord
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From the backyard to the backwoods,
Hüga is here to keep you warm

Bringing people together,

no matter the weather

  • “They are a game changer! Makes the whole idea of sitting outside much more appealing.” -Ivars J.

  • “As the parent of a high school athlete, the Huga is my go to at the hockey rink and on the lacrosse sidelines. The seat keeps me toasty warm no matter the temps.”

  • “The best way to get through winter!”
    -Jenn B.

  • “We sat on hügas at a restaurant last winter and our tushies have never been happier!”

  • “I'm recharging the batteries for my hügas on the off-chance we lose power during Saturday's storm. I texted my family to remind them to do the same."
    -Sherrie R.

  • “The hüga cushions were a huge hit at my family's wedding!”
    -Sherri G.


Handsewn in Maine

From crisp spring days to brisk fall nights, Hüga heated cushions provide comfort and coziness all year long


[hyoo-gah] Danish

(n.) creating a warm atmosphere and slowing down to enjoy the good things in life with good people

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Warm spines = good times!

The Huga sends tons of heat right up your spine, warming your body along your heat sensors to allow you to enjoy many outdoor activities longer than ever before. A MUST for sports fans that sit outside regularly in the New England cold weather.

Sarah Bragg
Nothing better on a fall night outside

Huga’s heated pad is a magical invention on a cold fall night by the outdoor fire. We use them often to extend our outdoor time throughout the year in New Hampshire.

linda kelly

It is a nice addition for the chilly fall and winter month and I am very happy with it.

Jenn B
We absolutely love our Hügas!

As parents of outdoor athletes, we use our Hügas in the late fall and early spring and tell everyone that they need to get them! So many people have listened to us and love their Hügas too!

Grill Mastet

My brother grills outside fall and winter. We purchased this for him so he could enjoy outside grilling and stay warm. He loves it and stays warm and toasty while cooking.

Jean Trapp

Toasty buns from now on.
Our Hugas come with us wherever we go. Kids games, outdoor activities, star gazing. No matter what the activity these cushions have come to our rescue many times. Not only for the warmth but also the nice comfy cushion.

best heated seat cushions

I loved supporting this fledgling small Maine business and the quality of the sear cushions was more than rewarding. I am able to entertain on my patio through some cold Chicago days!

You have to have one of these !

I bought this during Covid as I was only eating outdoors. Now, I use it for kids' games and it makes a huge difference in the cold not to sit on cold bleachers. I love it!

Jackie Newell
So warm!!

I bought this for my mom who times sporting events all year round and this is incredible!!

Mary Mccormick
Everything Butt the sun

Love love love the seat warmers, handy comfortable and perfect for all fall/winter outdoor activities!