The Back Story

Like a lot of great ideas, Hüga cushions were inspired by what we wanted for ourselves.


In the early days of Covid, when outdoor dining and sitting around the fire pit really started to take off,  we realized there weren’t any cushions that could stand up to the new conditions.


We tested and prototyped until we had cushions that could handle daily use, be wiped down with sanitizer and still look and feel good, go strong for many seasons and for many hours–with our biggest battery able to run for 10 hours on high and even longer on lower temps.

Our hometown of Portland, Maine, is the kind of place where everybody seems to know everybody else, and even pre-COVID, we liked to meet up at our fun, cool, busy restaurant and brewery scene. The pandemic made these places our social salvation, and the community has gone all out to keep them and the people who work there going. The challenge is the weather. Outdoor dining was a big success here, but summer is short. 

Restaurants found many creative ways to extend the season, from heat lamps to blankets. We found ourselves wishing for warm seats, and wondering why “they” hadn’t thought of that. We realized we could be “them,” so we made the solution ourselves. We designed hüga here, source our materials and services locally whenever possible, and have our cushion covers cut, sewn, and stuffed by Maine manufacturing pros.

And now, whether it’s at a sidewalk dining room or in your own backyard, you can eat, drink and hang out in cozy comfort—carefully, responsibly, healthfully and warmly. We’ve learned that we love hanging out outside, even deep into the winter night. Like the saying goes, there’s no bad weather, only bad clothing—or seating.

With hüga, we’ve got your butt covered.


Bottoms up! 


-Jocelyn and Colin


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