It’s easy to get a hüga cushion going, but sometimes we all get it bass ackwards.


Top tips to the rescue!

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How does it work? 

The super duper battery, which is included and simply needs to connect to the port in the side pocket, powers a slim heating element that’s layered between the comfy foam and the cushion cover. 

What's the difference between the batteries?

We offer three batteries with the ability to go 3 hours, 6 hours or 10 hours on high, and even longer on lower settings. All three allow you to charge other devices while warming your buns, though it will drain the battery a bit faster. For you battery nerds (like us!) here are the specs:

  • 3+ hour: 10,000 mAh, two input ports (C and micro-USB) and two outputs (USB)
  • 6+ hour: 16, 750 mAh, one input port (micro-USB) and two outputs (USB)
  • 10+ hour: 26,850 mAh, one input port (micro-USB) and three outputs (USB). The middle output is most suited to a hüga with 2.1 Amps.

My hüga light is on, but when I sat down it wasn’t hot. Why?

Cool your jets! Your butt traps in the heat and it will get to 120 degrees once you sit on it for two minutes…promise.

My battery isn’t charging, what up?

Occasionally the battery needs a reset. Just hold down the button until the lights flash. Then it should charge just fine. If  not, try a different wall charger or cord. The wall charger needs to be at least 2.0 Amps. If that all fails ( it won’t), reach out to us and we’ll ship you a replacement. 

Why is my butt so hot? 

We should all have this problem. Unless you mean heat hot.. Anyway, turn down your hüga by tapping the button. Red = High, Blue =  Medium, and Green = Low. This reminds us of when the car’s heated seats are on, you space it, and then wonder if you peed your pants

Is hüga cool for kids?

Absolutely. Their little metabolisms rev away, so we suggest you keep it set on green. If their lips turn blue, crank it up a notch. Once they’re old enough to play with a phone, they’re old enough to control it themselves.

Can I use any USB power bank to run my hüga? 

We’d prefer you didn’t, which is why we include the battery in your purchase. We just want to be sure the amperage (I  know, fancy word) of the battery matches the heating element and doesn’t inadvertently damage it.

Can I buy an extra battery so my butt never gets cold? 

We don’t offer batteries on our website, but email us at jocelyn@hugaheat.com or colin@hugaheat.com and we got you.

Where are your cushions made?  

Hüga are cut, screen-printed, hand sewn and stuffed right here in Maine. We are deeply invested in supporting the Maine  economy and creating jobs in our home state so more people can enjoy living in this incredible place.

Where do the batteries come from? 

We would love to source lithium batteries from Maine or somewhere in the USA, but the technology and industry hasn’t  evolved enough for that yet. Our batteries are sourced from reliable suppliers in Asia for now.

What is your warranty? 

We warranty our cushions and batteries for one year, but honestly, we stand by our product no matter what. If you have a  problem, please contact one of us and we’ll make it right.

What if my hüga gets wet? 

All hüga are water-resistant and our vinyl cushions are basically waterproof. I wouldn’t submerge it in a lake or the ocean, but a little rain or snow or butt sweat will bead right off. One of our restaurants even leaves the cushions (not the batteries!) outside all winter. Not recommended if you live in a place where they might walk off in the middle of the night, but we’re lucky to live in a place where people are honest, neighborly and respectful. 

Can I buy hüga at retail locations? 

We prefer direct connections with our customers, so we primarily sell hüga through our website or via email for larger orders. A few of our good friends have hüga for sale at their restaurants and stores, like Terlingua in Portland, Robinson’s  Wharf in Southport and Carousel Marina in Boothbay Harbor. We also offer pickup in Portland or Southport, Maine, if you live locally and don’t want to pay for shipping.

Do you ever get returns? Can I return mine?

You probably won’t believe us, but we’ve had three returns in our three years of business. Two were camo cushions that were gifts and the recipients don’t sit while they hunt. The other one was a potential gift for a girlfriend who dumped the  poor guy right before her birthday. She obviously didn’t deserve that gem of a man. 

We guarantee hüga cushions for quality and performance, and if there’s a problem, see warranty info, above.

Ok, gotta go, we have to stuff a heap of hügas.


If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to jocelyn@hugaheat.com or colin@hugaheat.com.


Warmly, Jocelyn and Colin (of aforementioned email addresses).


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