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What Our Customers are Saying

I think these cushions are fabulous and am happy to support wonderful small businesses like yours AND give the perfect gifts this winter! Cheers!
East Haddam, CT
We got our hüga cushions on Sunday! Thank you! Now we can enjoy the outside all winter and spring. Turkey chili and hot cocoa are on the menu as the snow is falling. Now our outside space is complete with our warm buns.
Bath, ME
What a great idea; I am so excited for you and will definitely be spreading the word about hüga out here in Petaluma!
Petaluma, CA
I'm thinking of your heated cushions for gifts this spring - with us all being excited about getting our vaccine at some point this year, it does feel like our new normal is likely to involve lots more outdoor time and being able to control ones own comfort is a big time score.
Winchester, MA
What a wonderful invention! Thank you for taking a leap and designing something so practical and needed during this time. We tried out your heaters at Little Giant this past weekend and loved them.
Portland, ME
The cushions are a big hit. We had 'tea party' with an 8 year old young friend out on her screened porch to get together in the safest possible way, and your cushions helped make it possible — she said “the tea party was divine, a balmy 34 degrees, and HOT BUTTS, the best part!” (for VT in February, that is rather balmy!).
While we can't afford to buy as many as we would like, I am going to place an order online now for a few! Congrats on your new venture — I think it's such a fabulous idea, I hope you guys kill it!
Bend, OR
My wife insisted on this being her Mother’s Day gift after trying a hüga at our neighbors’ house!
Scarborough, ME
Congratulations on your new business venture! I read about your new hüga cushion online, and ordered one for my daughter. Jennifer is a co-owner of Carvalho Park Gallery in Brooklyn. The space was once a laundry facility and now is a gorgeous art space. The heater doesn't work well and is not energy efficient, so we are always looking for unique ways to keep her warm at work. I thought of a heating pad, but that was a big draw on energy. Your hüga cushion may just be the help we needed.
Brooklyn, NY
Congratulations on starting your business! I'm excited to test out the product — you know SF doesn't have a warm night ever.
San Francisco, CA
Wow amazing, thank you SO much!! We were so in love with them after dining at Terlingua and Little Giant... I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a local company who created them!! So brilliant! Happy to support your company, thanks again for finding a great way to help dining outdoors ... will be using these long after the pandemic!
Bethel, ME
It will be sad to see them go for the season, but that being said, we're still deploying them - even tonight. They'll be a savior next winter, that's for sure. Hope to see you soon and I look forward to our continued success together.
Portland, ME
We love them and everyone is fighting over them when we use them.
Bedford, NH
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