Unisex ü t-shirt / BRING THE HEAT
Unisex ü t-shirt / BRING THE HEAT
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Hüga Heated Cushion

Hüga is made for outdoor dining and socializing in the colder months. No more chilly backsides on frigid metal or wood outdoor furniture. No more leaning closer and closer to the standing patio heater trying to get a waft of warm air.

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Hüga heated cushions are battery-powered, water-resistant, durable, easy-to-clean, portable, and have three temperature settings, allowing users to select the most comfortable personal level of warmth through the push of a button.

  • Solo cushion - the 14”x16” single seat cushion is ideal for an individual bum
  • Three temperature settings:
    • off - no light, ambient temperature
    • low - green light, 85-95℉
    • medium - blue light, 95-105℉
    • high - red light, 105-120℉
  • Long-lasting battery included - your choice of rechargeable battery to provide 3+, 6+ or 10+ hours of heat (only use included battery)
  • Simple recharging - battery is easily accessible in side pocket for nightly recharging with provided micro USB cord and any 2.0+ Amp USB wall charger (not included)
  • Water-resistant and durable - heavy duty, water-resistant fabrics, foam, and webbing are intended for prolonged outdoor use
  • Backpack straps - webbing straps and side release buckles can be used to turn the cushion into a backpack to easily carry around town OR attach the cushion to any existing outdoor furniture
  • Portable - battery power allows movement from one seat to another, or for individuals to carry their own cushion when they venture out
  • High quality, sanitizable marine grade vinyl shell - can easily and frequently be wiped down with 10% bleach mixture or other sanitizing agents
  • Package includes 1 hüga heated cushion and 1 battery with charging cord

Hüga strives to bring people together outdoors to enjoy nature, friends and family throughout the year by warming our cores from the bottom up. 

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